Friday, September 19, 2008

Allison's Birthday

Hey everyone!
September 13th was Allison's 1st birthday! But the poor thing had the worst 1st birthday ever. She wound up being admitted to the hospital that night with a bad infection, and it needed to be lanced to drain, and was given IV fluids and antibiotics. She stayed two nights. The hospital staff felt so bad for her they made a cake! Grandpa and Grandma Carter and Uncle Joey came all the way from Memphis, and "Uncle Robert" came from VA to see her. We didnt get to really celebrate until the 16th, but thats ok, she still loved the cake! Grandpa and Grandma Carter gave her a play phone and she walks around with it- yelling into it. So cute! She also got a toy broom because she always steals mommy's broom when mommy tries to sweep! She loves all her new toys and clothes of course. I cant believe its already been a year! I thank God for everything He has given us and the time we have had with this little miracle, I love her so much.


Gittagirl said...

she is sooo big!!!! AWWW! i miss you guys
love ya
aunt gitta

Gittagirl said...

I love the pictures! Still would love to see a family pic of you all! She is getting so big! Looked like Christmas with so many gifts. We will see you soon! I can't wait to give you all a hug and kiss.